Monmouthshire Ladies’ County Golf Association
Rules and Conditions Governing Competitions


  1. A correctly prepared and up-to-date CONGU handicap certificate must be produced on request.
  2. All disputes to be settled by the Committee.
  3. All ties to be decided on the last 9/6/3 holes.
  4. Participants must hold a County Card.
  5. The entry fee must accompany the entry form which in non-transferable. Should a competition be cancelled, entry fees will be returned only on written application to the Honorary Treasurer. Otherwise no refunds after the startsheet has been distributed.
  6. Caddies are permitted except in the qualifying rounds of the County/Bronze Championships. Parents may not caddy for junior golfers in any junior competition.
  7. Buggies are permitted without a medical certificate subject to availability and course conditions except in the County/Bronze Championships where a medical certificate is required.
  8. MLCGA will not accept liability of uninsured persons using buggies in a County event.
  9. Entries must be received by the closing date stated on the entry form. No late entries.
  10. All County singles events are Qualifying Competitions unless the Committee considers that the course conditions are not suitable.
  11. All entrants must have a competitive CONGU handicap when they enter and play in a County competition.
  12. All entrants must provide their CDH ( Central Database of Handicaps) Number on the entry form otherwise they will be excluded from the competition.
  13. No player can be awarded more than one cup or voucher except in the County Championships.
  14. Generally, prizes will be 50% of the entry fees but it is up to the Committee to make the final decision so that a loss is not incurred.
  15. Winners of trophies hold them for one year only and are expected to have them engraved at their own cost and return them clean and polished when required.
  16. Where an age limit applies the age must be attained by the date of the event.
  17. Different handicap limits apply to different competitions. Players with handicaps higher than the stated limit may play but their handicap will be limited for prize purposes.


  • Golf shoes to be worn on the course
  • Socks in golf shoes must be worn
  • No denim trousers, skirts, shorts, jackets
  • Shorts must be tailored and of a suitable length
  • No trainers, tracksuits or jogging suits
  • Shirts with collars must be worn
  • No trousers tucked into socks
  • Footwear worn on the course must not be worn in the Clubhouse

Each club’s own dress rules apply in addition to the above.
Mobile phones to be switched off on the course and only used in an emergency

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